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KIMBRATAS is committed to help the customers with LifeChem product, skilled labour and quality services to upgrade efficiency and increase productivity. We maintain your assets as Building, Factory, Machinery, Hotel, Resto by keeping them clean with “environment friendly” and “ green products”. Our services increase your “machine life”. We produce home care products that are “food grade”.The

A private limited group of companies, established on  January, 4th 2000. The Word KIMBRATAS emerged from the words “Kiman” and “Subrata”. Since its establishment, KIMBRATAS. PT has become a reputable group of companies in its respective market thus the company got esblished in 2000. Now after more than 20 years of in depth research and development were able to take part and contribute in the economical development of this country and people through opening up jobs for our fellow Indonesians thus enabling KIMBRATAS become a bonafide and legal Company.

 We provide “customized solution” to customers requests. The trust from our customers and our business partners gives us the inspiration for continuing Research & Development making products that benefit the society. The support from Shareholders and Stakeholders help provide added value with competitive price to you. We hope you will enjoy using LifeChem products and get all the benefits and provide feedback to upgrade our products and services. If Employing more than 100 people overall.







For All Your Maintenance Needs

LifeChem brings maintenance treatment products HOUSEKEEPING for all facets of Industrial Mantenance, Maintenance of Highrise Buildings, Hospitals & Restaurants of all sizes. LifeChem is the pioneer in the maintenance field with with specialty cleaners, degreasers, descalers along with “water treatment” products for boiler maintenance, cooling tower maintenance & closed loop system maintenance. All LifeChem products are user freindly, machine freindly & environment freindly (green).

“Quality, Services & Brand Value”
Become The Market Leader Through the Quality of KIMBRATAS standards.
We believe in
“Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success”
“Quality, Services & Brand Value”
Become The Market Leader Through the Quality of KIMBRATAS standards.
We believe in
“Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success”
  • Team KIMBRATAS provides added value to all of its customers.
  • KIMBRATAS provides TOTAL SOLUTION in the filed of Water Treatment, HouseKeeping and Retail Products and also become a unique Brand Leader.
  • With KIMBRATAS experiences in servicing Malls, Hotels, Big and Small industries, Restaurants, Catering services, Buildings, Embassies and also all the Hardware stores throughout Indonesia we are ever ready to extend to You our best of SERVICES.
  • We are UNIQUE with ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY products. Backed up by complete range of Technical Services thus assuring you of SAVINGS in ENERGY & COST.
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